crewed yacht charter destinationsDestinationsCrewed yacht charter itineraries are endless,  there are so few days and so many bays…
we know how anxious you are to sail away from the crowd and the city stress…
Let the mooring lines go  , we are heading to islands where you may refresh your skin and swim in chyristal clear blue waters. Destinations

it is obvious that you will not have enough of this beautiful lagoons but we have so much more to show you, Lets drop anchor in excellent places to swim  and feel the salt water surrounding you, nothing but you…

crewed yacht charter destinations master2

After a warm turkish tea served in a sexy glass, we invite you to swim again untill the dinner is served.


yacht charter Destinationswhile the chef start a fire on a barbecue for dinner, we let you alone in silence with the mother nature while some others listen to the music, have a look at the map and check it out, how small  is a blue voyage and there are so much more to see , which means there are so much to discover, so much to taste and so much to learn. Faq

Itineraries in Turkish riviera.. you know how pleasant  is to gather with true friends and how delicious is to spend a week on board our yachts.

Let us provide you with the right yacht and the right crew and you make sure to bring the right companions with peace of mind. let us set the sails and wait for the right breeze…

yacht charter Destinations

yacht charter DestinationsNo more roses , no more pines ,
no more red lips , no more wines,
neither mornings, nor joys and sorrow.
life only exist when I think,
when I dont , it wont…
Omar Khayyam