Crewed Gulet Charter Crewed Gulet Charter Depends on the gulet size, its comfort, and luxury equipment and amenities on board. You should inform the captain if you have a notebook, electric razor, or a DVD player with you to show...
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Crewed yacht Charter
Crewed Yacht Charter Turkey

Crewed yacht charter Turkey; The warm climate and the traditional hospitality of  Turkish people plus the eternal intimacy between Anatolia and the Mediterranean, Aegean sea. Crewed yacht charter Turkey waters with endless visions of deep blue skies and sparkling crystal waters with breathtaking scenery. Crewed yacht in Turkey is not only possible but well affordable compared to Antibes, Cannes, or Monaco with silverplate service is dedicated to bringing the best so that you can experience the magic of  Turkey on your luxurious floating villa. Crewed yacht charter Turkey yacht cruise the hundreds of miles of picturesque, unspoiled, and uncrowded coastline, cooling off and swimming in sparkling clear waters,  sipping an icy cocktail on board one of our yacht where we assure your privacy and unrivaled comfort.

If your dreams are endowed with too much imagination and you would like to be served dinner by candlelight under the stars or breakfast in the morning sun, then do not think twice, Turkey offers such a holiday. Crewed yacht charter Turkey with a luxury yacht charter, sailing or traditional style the choices are endless, crewed yacht charter Turkey portfolios are huge, the price range is immense and the itineraries open for you to choose amongst the best in the world.

A gulet is Traditionally all wooden motor sailing yachts built for cruising in the warm waters of the eastern Mediterranean. These yachts are built to center life on deck during the charter. spacious decks and housing a large (usually) aft half mooned shaped dining and lounging area are their main features. However lately the new generation crewed gulet charter Turkey is built with state-of-the-art technology and they all come in with full air conditioning, hot cold water, and even with jacuzzi on board. They are the Rolls Royce of the crewed yacht charter Turkey.

Crewed Yacht Charter Turkey

The number of passengers of a gulet varies, according to size, between 8 and 16. from 17 to 35-meter boats, that is quite a breathing space for each person considering that every passenger has Crewed private quarters and showers jointly used decks, saloons, etc. Gulet charter A Crewed gulet can be compared to a small floating hotel, there are double berths in each cabin and occasionally, upper bunks, Every cabin has its own shower.

The crew sleeps and uses the facilities in their separate cabins. Common quarters include a large saloon, a fully equipped galley operated by a cook, lots of uncluttered deck space, sun mattresses were strewn all over to laze on while tanning. with a round sterned gulet have a mattress covered perch in the aft that is called a “pigeon’s nest”, the most comfortable place to lounge or nap on the boat, protected by awnings.

Unlike a bareboat, which is often limited in water supply, a gulet charter offers the chance to wash off the salt after every swimming party, as they can store up to 5 tons of freshwater. Choosing the yacht, the more important is an issue is not the year of build but the technical condition of the vessel…

Crewed Gulet Charter

Crewed yacht Charter Turkey

Yacht for sale with Gulets is synonymous with yacht charter as well as Bodrum with magnificent gulet. Bodrum is well known for its boatyards such as (Colak) Erol Agan who built world-famous gulets as Anabella. We have the richest crewed charter gulet Turkey portfolio built in Bodrum since they are the best among the rest! Bodrum yacht industry is updated with the latest technology and modern interior designers, competing with dutch and german boatyards.

Bodrum is not only famous for her traditional gulets but recently built steel gulets and motor yachts, not to forget excellent performance sailing yachts using epoxy laminated wood, composite, or steel as Hull material. We know that Bodrum is an ancient Karian city of Halicarnassus which Herodot should be proud of and this ever glamourous city has to be remembered forever with mega yacht charter and prestigious Bodrum gulet. -Crewed yacht charter Turkey