Crewed Yacht Charter

crewed yacht charter TurkeyCrewed yacht charter that started in 1990’s for the first time begin to attract interest in the positive direction and the yacht charter sector grew slowly and gradually spread throughout the whole Aegean and Mediterranean regions and reached the present status of the crewed yacht charter.

To experience crewed yacht charter you may start booking a commercial yacht or a Turkish Gulet,  captain and the crew of such yacht will be treating you just like a small boutique hotel where all the facilities of the yachts are adjusted to your program such as where you would like to have lunch, when you want it, what you would like to eat.

Crewed Yacht Charter

crewed yacht charter TurkeyWhat you would like to drink, the crew has only one preoccupation which is to make you satisfied and comfortable since a charterer onboard of a crewed yacht charter is like the owner during the weekly yacht charter program and our yacht charter fleet continues to grow in a serious manner and the cabin capacity of the yachts are increasing.

we have considerable share of the crewed yachts charter yacht charter business in Turkey and our operations extends to Greece, Croatia and Montenegro.

crewed yacht charter TurkeyIf you are going out on such a crewed yacht charter holiday for the first time, do not forget the necessities that you must have, yacht charter gulets and luxury motoryachts constitute the uppermost part of commercial yacht rental business and we observe that many people from all walks of life can come together and have yacht charter vacations with luxury yachts offering silver plate services onboard motoryachts and Gulets.