Gulet For Sale

Gulet for sale in TurkeyFor those who are wondering why the best guletsĀ for sale were built in bodrum and recognized as quality builders.

It is enough to look at the past of gulet for sale and gulet charter with tourism with bodrum built gulets for sale that are the common artwork of gulet building masters although they have pioneered the gulet for sale in Turkey, other boatyards in Fethiye, marmaris, Antalya has followed their foot steps and improved the classic gulet designs to upto date radical design gulets.

Gulet for sale in Turkeywhich can compete with gulet for sale Fethiye has been always a leading gulets for sale, yacht building region, many gulets are being built in Fethiye which are comfortable and spacious despite the size of the gulet for sale, however these gulets can be built up to 10 cabins or even more if desired.

Gulet For Sale

Fethiye-built gulets for sale provide a comfortable deck for navigation and sailing, while the decks are flat and provide a large interior Turkish gulets for sale.

Gulets for salThese yachts, called gulet or ketch, have reached the highest level of comfort in the sea and have been upgraded to a major maneuverability thanks to twing screw propellers and bow thrusters which makes it easier.