Yacht Rental Bodrum

Yacht Rental in Bodrum The luxurious gulets are fully-equipped  with two engines are heavy, and bulky because of their underwater design, they can not get close to the wind as much as 30 degrees and they can only look good on the sidewalk and in the close breezes,

The yacht rental Bodrum gulets are generally equipped for maximum comfort and safety, you can not sail as much but you can comfortably walk on the guards, but at the same time, the yacht rental Bodrum gulets make a peaceful journey are the blue voyage boats and you can travel with extremely comfortable and safe sailing.

Yacht Rental Bodrum

Yacht Rental in BodrumWe only have high quality yacht rental Bodrum gulets in our charter portfolio that we find suitable for our standards, especially luxury gulets that are built commercially suitable for blue voyages, are now better quality, more robust, comfortable and more eye-catching.

In the past, due to the multiplicity of gulets made with much more ordinary materials and the prices cheaper, the services that were made were also shortfalls and complaints increased.

On the other hand, with an experienced captain who does not flaw in welcoming the well-trained and well-organized to serve our guests better,

Yacht Rental in BodrumYacht rental bodrum The sailing gulet, known as the yacht rental Bodrum in our country, used to be a private yacht consisting of sailing yachts or motorized small boats used by businessmen who were based yacht charter Turkey in the 1960s, we were working with sailing gulets and small sailing yachts from marmaris.